My Health Journey

Day 17

Good morning, everyone!

I’ve been home for 2 days and nights now and feel so much better. Turns out all the pain meds I needed to sleep were mostly because the hospital bed was so bad, not because of my condition. 🤦🤷

Words can’t express how happy I am to be home with my family. 🥰 I’ve been crazy busy, of course. 😉🤣 It feels so good to be more active and to get back into the groove of regular life. My mom arrived yesterday so that she could be here for Caleb’s bar mitzvah which is definitely a blessing right now!

I’ve gotta say, I’m blown away by everyone’s generosity who has blessed our family with meals and groceries this past two weeks. Our pantry is overflowing, literally. You all are amazing. 😍

As far as my recovery, I’m still improving consistently. My core and left leg are almost to regular strength already which gives me a lot more stability when I need to stand for various functions. Yesterday I started being able to just slightly wiggle my toes in my right foot and my right quad gets a bit stronger every day. I still don’t have any strength in my ankle or knee to bear weight on that leg.

Yesterday I had my first outing to a store (Hobby Lobby, of course!) which was really nice. Today we’re going on a field trip to the capitol which should be lots of fun.

I still covet your prayers for my full and quick recovery. My pelvic floor is still frozen with most of my right leg, and I still have no feelings of hot/cold/pain in my skin from mid-chest all the way down.

Love you all… Thanks for caring about me and following my journey. 💕💕

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