My Health Journey

Day 20

Day 20

Well, I made it through the weekend! Saturday felt like 2 full days with no sleep in between, but it was worth it to celebrate my 3rd teenager! If anyone is curious, his bar mitzvah was live streamed on our congregation’s YouTube channel ( It was a great service and I was probably just as excited to be leading worship again. God is so good. ❤️

Today was my first outpatient physical therapy appointment and it was very encouraging! She was actually confused about my diagnosis because she said I had more muscle tone than is normal for Guillain Barré. (Edited to add later: I have something called clonus which is an abnormal tone with rhythmic contracting spasms. This is a upper motor neuron issue which is a sign of spinal cord injury, not Guillain Barré.) She wants me to have a follow-up with a neurologist, which I’d like too. Either way, my muscles are slowly but steadily waking up. 🥳 Each day I see improvement in some way, and I’ll have physical therapy twice a week for the next month or two.

This week, my spare time will be focused on preparing for Saturday, because I believe God has a message He wants to give through me. I’m excited to give testimony to how God has worked in me over these past few weeks. If you’d like to come, you’re most welcome (, or you can also watch it at the YouTube address above.

Blessings and Shalom to you!

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