About Judy

Welcome to Life Richly Lived!

My name is Judy, and I’m a wife, mom, pastor, and most importantly, daughter of the Most High. I’m blessed to be “Mama” to five beautiful children who I homeschool. I’ve been married to my best friend, Mark, for 18 years and we’ve weathered some pretty intense life together. I’m one of the few licensed female pastors in the Messianic movement, which sounds super ground-breaking, but in reality it just means I take my calling seriously and I love it.

In October of 2022 I resumed my blog as a way to share updates about my newly-changed life with Transverse Myelitis, which began in August 2022. My life is also full with homeschooling, pastoring, and still writing – I write Messianic children’s/teens’ education and discipleship materials which I sell on Amazon and Messianic Kids.

I first wrote this bio page exactly ten years ago today, and you’ll still find my older posts here from 2012-2016 when my kids were little and my life looked a lot different. I wrote about my interests then (many of which I still have now) on Biblical motherhood, holistic health, nutrition, natural birth, infant & child psychology, and Messianic family life.

Looking forward to sharing some of my life with you!

Rich Family 2015
The Rich Family, circa 2014
The Rich Family, circa 2021