Messianic Kids

As a pastor/congregational leader of a Messianic congregation, I quickly realized there is a shortage of quality children’s and teens’ materials available to us. I began writing some of my own materials to use at The Bridge (originally Kehilat Yeshua) and eventually decided to make them available to the public.

In January 2020 I released my first book, called Crossroads. It’s a Messianic b’nei mitzvah/youth discipleship program. It walks through all different dynamics of our relationship with God, meant to give youth a good understanding of their faith before they become a bar/bat mitzvah.

I have also just released the first 2 levels of the Hebrew program I’ve been working on for a little while. This program will be a fun way to introduce kids to reading and writing Hebrew, beginning with the alef-bet. Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew is now available with the achievement awards in production as well!

And I am almost finished (waiting on my illustrator) with my first year of a full Messianic children’s curriculum, Kingdom Kids! The first year, Adventures in the Torah, will teach through the year of the Torah cycle in an engaging way with Bible lessons, character development, Scripture memory, liturgical prayers, Hebrew, and more!

To learn more or order your own materials, please check out my website,!