My Journey with Transverse Myelitis

On August 24, 2022, I went out to breakfast with a friend and found myself paralyzed from the waist down (right leg completely, left leg partially) before I finished eating. After MRIs, CT scans, a spinal tap, blood work, and ultrasound, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barré syndrome. I spent 5 days in the neurology unit at St. Al’s receiving IVIG treatment, then 9 days in an acute rehab hospital. My physical therapist at the rehab hospital was suspicious about my diagnosis, and I was unsettled about it as well, but we just kept working at getting my body working again.

After I was discharged (not walking, but using a wheelchair), I began seeing a physical therapist who specializes in neurological recovery and she also saw several signs that pointed towards a spinal cord injury – not Guillain Barré. After much advocating for myself and my primary care stepping in, I was able to get referred to an outpatient neurologist who recognized that I was indeed misdiagnosed. I actually have Transverse Myelitis, which is a spinal cord injury (often idiopathic) caused by inflammation.

I resumed this blog to track my recovery and have a place to write again. You can click below to see all of my posts regarding my journey with Transverse Myelitis.