Our Messianic Sukkot Celebration


Tonight begins the week-long festival of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles). This is a festival of praise, joy, and celebration with themes including God providing for his children in the wilderness, God dwelling with us, and for Believers, the birth of Yeshua. It’s closely follows the more somber and introspective holidays of the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah), the Ten Days of Awe, and Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement).

In our family, Sukkot also typically falls around the end of birthday season, and by this time in the fall, this mama is usually worn out and out of creativity to make a special holiday for our family. So this year, I decided early to plan a bit better so that we could do more and make it more memorable. We aren’t able to build a sukkah this year (a temporary dwelling for eating and hanging out in), but I was able to make a list of a few things that would set this week apart from the rest of the fall season:

1. We got out our decorations. We actually have had a box of fall decorations sitting in the garage unopened for 2 years! This year, the kids helped me take them out and set them up.

2. Apple cider. My husband requested a bottomless crock pot of cider kept on for the holiday, so I’ve been stocking up on apple cider so we’d have enough to enjoy it all week. Mmmm…!

3. Chili for dinner. Nothing says fall like a bowl of hot chili, right? I think I’m going to start a tradition of starting Sukkot with a meal of a hot fall stew (maybe chili every year?).

4. A fire in our fire pit. I love fire. It captures my senses in a way nothing else does. The sight, sound, smell… Just ahhhh… :-)

5. A special fall candle. I love lighting Shabbat candles every week – it’s a beautiful sensory experience that deepens the setting apart of the day. And we light Shabbat candles on the first and last days of Sukkot that are special Sabbath rest days. But what about the other days? I want the whole holiday to feel cohesive and special. So I got a pretty orange candle to light every day of Sukkot, just because. :-)

6. A nativity set. This one is something in really excited about, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but hadn’t prioritized until this year. We believe that Yeshua’s birth took place during the Feast of Tabernacles, and we read the story of His birth this week, so I wanted to incorporate a visual element too. I chose the Willow Tree nativity set because I liked the simple, rustic look of it and the lack of facial features (I have a thing about images of Yeshua).

So anyway, the kids are in bed now and our first night went as well as we’d hoped for. We started with lighting Shabbat candles and blessings over grape juice and challah. Dinner of chili & bread was a hit and no complaining! (Mama win!) After dinner we lit a fire in the fire pit and migrated outside to roast a few kosher marshmallows that were getting stale. (Totally not planned but it felt good to say “yes”!) Then we got everyone some cider and listened while Mark read the nativity story from Luke. That was a bit rough – 5 tired kids who are now eating marshmallows and cider and totally distracted by a fire (one of whom is trying to stick himself into said fire and won’t let me hold him!). We had to pause and restart a couple times, but in the end I think it went well. :-)

Now, time for a cup of tea and some quiet reading to end my day.


Six Months of No Blogging


It has been six months since my last entry here! What happened to me? Well, to make a long story short, I decided that living life took priority over writing, and that my kids needed me more than my blog. I know I never wrote frequently, but I always felt like I *should* be writing […]

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Christian/Messianic Passover Seder in Boise/Meridian

One year ago, we celebrated Passover by hosting our first community Passover Seder (dinner) in our home.  We got tables, decorated, and enjoyed the celebration with 34 people – family, friends, and strangers-made-new-friends alike!  It was a wonderful time. This year we are holding our second annual Community Passover Seder. It will be held at […]

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Essential Oil Spotlight: Bedtime Rub Recipe!

bedtime rub recipe young living essential oils

I want to send a special shout-out to my fellow sleep deprived mamas! I honestly can’t think of another thing that affects my mama abilities so much as my sleep does (or lack thereof!). And by the time the kids’ bedtime comes around, I’m often exhausted myself and not in the mood for any of […]

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Homeschool Spotlight: Human Body Unit!


For the past few months, we have been working through the Apologia Astronomy book. We just finished it before our winter break, and now we are starting a fun little unit on the human body! I am personally really excited about this particular unit because my mom did this same unit with my brothers and […]

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My Word for the New Year

blog pic intentional copy

The first day of the new school year, Rosh Hashanah, my birthday, New Years Day. All of these are new beginnings, fresh starts. I love fresh starts. I love a good excuse to evaluate and set new goals – makes me feel productive and refreshes my hope in the future. This year, my RSS feed […]

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Here’s to a Healthier You in 2014!

Okay everyone, I have to share this awesome testimony of how Young Living essential oils have been rocking my world! On the Thursday before Christmas, I started coming down with a cold. I could tell it was a bad one too – my chest felt tight and I had major body aches. You know that […]

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2013 Year in Review


What a fun year 2013 has been! We traveled a LOT the first half of this year. In February, we traveled to Wisconsin (33 straight driving hours in a minivan with 4 kids!) to be with my family and celebrate the life of my grandfather, who passed away. In April, I took our little crew […]

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Homeschooling: Working through some common concerns…


Today marks the one year anniversary of the largest massacre of children in our country’s history. The Sandy Hook shooting left 27 people dead, including 18 children, most of them kindergarteners. I remember the day it happened last year. My Facebook feed was full of prayers for the victims’ families, hugs for children, and talk […]

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Anchor Points


Life has been rather chaotic around here lately.  I would love to say that things are smooth and I have adjusted to life with five children, but the reality is that life with a newborn is rarely ever smooth!  There are constant bumps in the road, and every time you start to get into a […]

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