My Health Journey

Day 12

Good morning!

I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend – I know I have been. I didn’t have any therapy on Shabbat, and at first I was disappointed. But the truth is that I think I needed the days off more than I realized. Healing requires hard work sometimes, but it also requires rest. 💗

I’m getting stronger though! Every day that goes by I notice marked improvement in the parts of me that were very weak last week. Yesterday I was able to stand long enough to give Mark a real hug, which was bliss. 🥰 Still no improvement in the paralysis, but I’m taking it a day at a time.

I’m told that working the nervous system is different than working muscles in that with muscles you can work super hard, push yourself to the max, then rest a bit before doing it again. This is how I typically live my life – pushing myself as much as I can. But with nerves, that can be detrimental. Pushing yourself that much doesn’t help, but can hurt the healing process. You have to take it in smaller chunks with more rest than what might seem natural. Ugh. Major life lesson for me there! 🤣🤦🤷

I think that’s all from me today – have a great rest of your weekend! Get yourself some real rest. 💕

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