My Health Journey

Day 8

Day 8

Good morning!

One week ago right now I was on my way to meet my friend for breakfast. An hour later I was paralyzed. What a whirlwind things have been since then! It’s a bit surreal to think back at this past week and how bad things got compared to where I am now. 🤯 I’m so thankful for God’s goodness on my heart to settle and comfort me. And I’m left speechless at the kindness and love I’ve received from the body of Messiah all over this country and even the world!

Yesterday was my first full day in the rehab hospital and other than being woken up way too early 😬😣 it was a great day! I really liked both my occupational and physical therapists. I worked my tail off and was able to start transferring myself from bed to wheelchair without physical help, which was exciting! I also have a small amount of muscle control firing in a couple of places which is a good sign. 😁

Prayer requests for today: that the pain in my core/back will subside (I’m told it’s nerve pain related to the AIDP not muscular), that they agree to let me out of here in a week (there’s a meeting today with all of my care providers where they make a game plan but I’m not included in it), and of course, that things wake up and I get stronger! 💪

Love to y’all!

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