My Health Journey

Day 3

Hello everyone! It’s almost lunchtime my 3rd day in the hospital. I’m trying to think of ways to update y’all in how I’m doing. In no order of importance:

I got better sleep last night thanks to a real room and no hourly interruptions. Still sore from being stuck in one position all night, but at least I slept!

I’m currently getting my 3rd immune globulin infusion, which I’ll have 2 more of. Please pray that it is super effective! I had some improvement yesterday but none today so far.

I haven’t been able to use the restroom at all on my own due to paralysis. Pray that this changes soon! I’m pretty sure that’s an essential part of getting discharged.

They’re also talking about a second hospital stay at an acute physical therapy hospital after I’m cleared from here. While I’m glad this is an option, I’m hoping it won’t be needed or at least not for long. I’m obviously antsy to get home but especially motivated to be fully released before Caleb’s bar mitzvah on Sept. 10.

The kids seem to be doing well. Mark’s parents are with them so that Mark can be with me, and the family will be in service on Shabbat. Pray for endurance for all of us. 💕

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