My Health Journey

Day 4

Day 4
I was able to get into a wheelchair and go out on the patient patio!

Good morning all! Shabbat Shalom to you. ❤️ I’m missing my family and community at The Bridge today, but I’m in good spirits.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time with PT and they were able to get me into a wheelchair – which enabled me to get outside for a few minutes! It was hot but wonderful. I’m getting stronger too 💪. I can hold myself sitting up which I couldn’t do at all on Wednesday or Thursday. Because of that, I should get a shower today, which I’m very much looking forward to! 😂

I’ve been asked by several people what brought this on. The truth is we have absolutely no idea. It usually happens as a result of exposure to a virus but I haven’t been sick in quite a while. 🤷 I’ve also been asked what you can do. We’re covered for dinners for the near future, though my family could use some basic groceries for breakfast/lunch like cereal, fruit, sandwich stuff, etc. Mostly I just desire your prayers!

Please keep praying that my right leg and pelvis area wake up! There is no timeline for Guillain Barré/AIDP so it could happen any time now or weeks down the road. I’m praying for any time now! 😉😁 (Edited to add later – I do not have Guillain Barré, but I was originally misdiagnosed.)

I want to say thank you to everyone praying for me. Seriously, I am blown away (as is my family) at the number of people who are praying. Several churches around the valley, many in our Foursquare leadership, and many from around the country. There’s even a church in India praying for me. I have no words. 😭 I am covered in so many prayers and I know that God’s goodness is running over me. Seeing the body of Messiah in action on my behalf brings me to tears. It’s the most beautiful thing. Y’all, this is what we were made for – to know God, and to make him known. To walk in God-honoring relationship with each other. 🙌

Love y’all,

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