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First Travel Post-Injury!

First Travel Post-Injury!

Well, I have successfully navigated another first – my first trip post-injury! Last week, Mark and I flew to Orlando for a Messianic rabbis conference. I was definitely a bit nervous about the trip. There is so much I can’t predict with my injury and so many times when things have thrown me for a loop. And I’m not a fan of unpredictability! LOL

My biggest worry was the plane ride. The spasticity in my legs causes me a lot of pain behind my knees every time I sit for more than a half hour or so. When my legs are bent for more than an hour, it gets progressively harder to straighten them again and they hurt like the dickens. Of course, being on a plane equals being stuck in a very tight position with no leg room for hours at a time which is pretty much a worst-case scenario in my new world. And Orlando is almost as far as one can fly from Idaho! It’s not exactly a short flight.

On the way there, we had a short flight to Salt Lake City, which was no big deal. I sit that long on a regular basis. But then we had the flight from SLC to Orlando, which was a solid 4 hours! That one had me worried. However, my wonderful husband was able to get us exit row seats, which gave me loads of leg room, and space to stand up and move around anytime I wanted!! I can’t imagine a better way to have spent that flight. 😄

The conference itself was wonderful and we were so refreshed and filled up by the end of the week. Plus, Florida in January. Enough said!

The trip home was a bit harder. We weren’t able to get any accommodations for my injury, just aisle seats on each of the two 3-hour flights. I definitely struggled with pain and lots of spasticity. BUT, I made it. And that’s what counts. 😄 I don’t know about flying overseas, but I am happy to know that I can manage stateside flights. 🥳

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