My Health Journey

Day 6

Good morning!

Today’s update will be short and sweet because honestly I just don’t have a lot to say! 🤷

I’m doing well and getting stronger in the parts that are awake. I got to do lots of OT and PT yesterday which is pretty much my favorite thing (except for seeing my kids, of course). 😁 The highlight was spending a good amount of time standing thanks to the help of an amazing device called a Sara Stedy (yes, that’s misspelled on purpose🤦). By the end of yesterday I was able to pull myself to a standing position without help using that device which was pretty wonderful. I’m a bit weaker this morning, but I still consider it a major win. 🥳

I also got to see all my kids yesterday as well as my dad and my in-laws which was really nice. 🥰🥰🥰 And I finished the IVIG infusions and had my IV removed. 🥳

My biggest hope for today is that insurance approves things quickly enough to get me transferred to acute rehab today instead of being stuck here another day unnecessarily. They won’t transfer me until insurance approves it.

Of course, please keep praying that my body (especially my pelvic floor) wakes up! Come on, body! You were created to function! Let’s go!! For anyone wondering, I don’t know yet what visitation will look like at the rehab hospital, but if it’s possible to have more visitors I will let you know! Happy Monday – I hope you all have a lovely week filled with the goodness of God!

– Judy

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