My Health Journey

One Month

Today is one month since my life was turned upside-down! I’ve been asked about an update by a few people and I think all I can say is that things are going pretty well. 😁

Today is the second day that I haven’t used my wheelchair once and last night was my second night back in my own bed upstairs. I’m walking with a walker – slowly, but it’s coming along!

My physical therapy is focused on 2 main things – working to wake up nerves in the muscles that are still asleep (biggest lazybones is my hamstring) and improve my balance. There are a lot of little muscles that all have to fire in unison to balance well, and mine are a bit… out of sync. 🤣

Technically I’m allowed to walk with a cane around the house but it’s very hard work and I haven’t had time to focus on that much yet. Taking things one day at a time and trying to also get back into a more normal life routine also.

I don’t have any pics, but I managed the whole day at Shabbat service today with my walker! Fun stuff. 😁😁 Tomorrow we begin the fall feasts, so our lives are going to be rather full for a little while, but it’s a “good full.” The kind that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled. ❤️


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