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Hanukkah – Why do we celebrate?


We celebrate Hanukkah. And we’ve received our share of questions as to why we choose to celebrate this holiday. Unlike most of the holidays we celebrate, Hanukkah was not designed by God himself. It is usually seen as only a Jewish holiday, as it revolves around a critical piece of Jewish history.

So, let me share a few reasons why we find value in celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah:

1. Jesus did. First and foremost, we are disciples of Yeshua. We seek to imitate Him with our lives. He found Hanukkah important enough to not just celebrate, but to travel to Jerusalem in order to spend time at the temple during the 8-day holiday. (See John 10:22-30)

2. Without Hanukkah, Jesus wouldn’t have come and we would not have salvation! Scripture is clear that the Messiah would be Jewish and come to the Jewish people. Without the brave Maccabees fighting for the freedom to practice their faith, the Jewish people would’ve become completely assimilated into Greek culture or been annihilated. Yeshua wouldn’t have had a people to come to! We owe our salvation, in part, to these amazing heros.

3. Hanukkah has the powerful themes of dedication, light, and miracles. During these eight days, we meditate on how we are to be dedicating our lives to God, how He calls us to be a light to the world, and how He is a God who works miracles! These are wonderful, faith-building lessons for us and our children to learn.

For more information on celebrating Hanukkah with your family, the website is a great resource, and for more detailed information, I highly recommend the resources from First Fruits of Zion, found online at:

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