Character – Deepened By Motherhood

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much the Lord has changed me and developed my character through each of my children. When I think about how many character flaws on my life have been exposed through the constant companionship of my kids, I am humbled and (dare I admit it?) embarrassed.

Before we get married, we all have someone tell us about how our spouse will expose things in us that we didn’t know were there, and that if handled well, it will strengthen our character. The same thing is true of our children, and even more so! I know for me at least, my kids are with me pretty much 24/7 except for occasional times of solitude. I sleep next to my youngest, educate my 2 oldest, run errands with then in tow – they are my constant companions!  Anyway, that also means they have the constant ability to grate my nerves, test my patience and resolve, and push my buttons! 

But through them, I have wrestled through many personal issues, and I believe, come out on the other side with deepened character and integrity. And it’s still an ongoing act of refining – every day I must choose to allow the Lord to use these interactions with my children to change me and mold me into a better likeness of Him.

My challenge to you today is this: next time your child(ren) is pushing your buttons or grating on your nerves, take a moment to breathe and allow the Lord to grow in you patience, sympathy, gentleness, mercy, self-control, empathy, or whatever it is that you are struggling with. And then, thank Him for the blessing of the opportunity for growth that your children bring you!

Blessings on your journey,
~ Judy

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