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A Little Challenge for Today

A short but intensely-powerful challenge for you today:

I like to read inspiring and challenging book as part of my quiet time every morning.  Currently I am re-reading “The Mission of Motherhood” in preparation for the MomHeart group I hope to be starting up soon.  I read chapter three today, entitled “The Undivided Heart,” and was reminded of something very important.

When we are mothering our children, we are not only serving them, but we are serving Yeshua!  By being gentle to my children, by being compassionate and empathetic to their needs, and by being present with them throughout their daily trials, I am serving my Lord. At the same time, I am setting an example to them of how the Lord wants us to treat each other, and demonstrating His love for us!  What a powerful act of service!

~ Judy

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