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I was chatting with my friend last week about how things have changed for me since moving here. Prior to our move, I had lived in Washington for 9 1/2 years. It is where I feel I really became an adult, where I got married, and where I became a mother. I developed a lot of my self-identity in those things, as well as things that went along with them, such as being a home-birther (and childbirth educator), lactation advocate and peer educator, and an attachment parent.

And while these things are still really important to me, I also feel like there’s a part of me that has woken up since being here. It’s the part of me that is just Judy. There’s such freedom in not knowing anyone and getting to start over. I get to decide who I want to be without any outside influence. I don’t really have any social life, which frees me up to focus on my relationships with HaShem and my family.

And that is what I’ve been doing. Reinventing myself. Being who I want to be. Figuring out what is important to me and making those things my focus. Praying more about everything. Cherishing the life that I have been given – it is a gift!

~ Judy

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  1. I think your heart is true, so you have been and always will be a wonderful person. I am glad you get a chance to explore that.

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! Miss ya!

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