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Our One Month Anniversary

Today we celebrate one month in our new home in Idaho! As I reflect on the last month, I’m struck by how much things are the same and different at the same time. The foundations of my life – my relationship with God, my family, our values – are my constant rock. But there are so many little things that are new and different! Trying to get used to a new town, remembering roads and landmarks, finding new resources (doctors, groceries, entertainment, etc.) can feel overwhelming some days! Those days I am especially thankful for the solid family that we have and for the undeniable Word of God that brought us here.

In the book One Thousand Gifts (see my post a couple of days ago), we are challenged to practice gratitude for all those little things that are so often overlooked. So, here are a few “Idaho-Gifts”:

Wide open spaces
Blue skies & sunshine
Farmland scenery on every drive
The park behind our house
A more-accessible yard
Eggs from a friend’s “backyard” chickens
Raw milk, less expensive
A smaller house to keep clean
Carpet that isn’t white!
Everything in closer proximity
Reciprocal zoo membership
Being close to Mark’s parents and brother/sister-in-law

Now, on that note, we’re headed to Mark’s parents to celebrate Memorial Day! Blessings to you.

~ Judy

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