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Why a Blog?

In my introductory post, I said that I thought my friend was crazy for suggesting that I blog. So, why am I doing it? That’s a very good question!

I suppose there are 2 reasons that I decided to take the plunge. In part, this blog is a way to share my life (and our family’s life) with my friends and family who don’t live nearby us. But another part – and I believe the more compelling motive – is that lately I have been doing a lot of thinking and growing, and I want an outlet to share my thoughts, receive some feedback, and hopefully encourage and challenge some other people along the way.

This blog will be a combination of my thoughts about different aspects of life: God, faith, family, and personal growth, as well as a place to share a bit about our family’s adventures.


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  1. Love. Can’t wait to see and continue to be challenged by what God is doing in your life. Xoxo.

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