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Our family tries to live as naturally as possible. We avoid prescription medicines and even OTC stuff as much as possible. And in our quest for health, we have used many different herbal remedies and even homeopathics. But nothing we’ve used compares to the concentrated power that these therapudic-grade essential oils have!

In the past couple months since I’ve started using them, they’ve become a part of our daily life. We use them to maintain our health as well as help with other challenges in our bodies.

You may wonder why I’ve chosen Young Living Essential Oils over other, less expensive & more easily acquired brands, like NOW or AuraCasia.  Well, I did some research.  I found that Young Living offers the highest standard of quality in the essential oils world, their Seed to Seal guarantee.  Because I’m using these oils for medicinal purposes, not just for aromatic pleasure, I wanted to be sure the oils I was using were the most pure and most potent available, and I feel confident in my choice in Young Living.

Of course, I want to get the best possible price, and here is how I do that:

I am an Independent Distributor/Wholesale Member.

In my opinion, this is the best way to use Young Living oils.  As a Distributor, I save 24% off their retail price on all their products and have the ability to earn free oils every month!  This also gives me the ability to earn commission when I introduce others to Young Living – but selling oils or signing people up is never required or pushed on anyone!  You are free to enjoy the perks of being a Distributor, even if you never talk to another soul about essential oils.  (But let’s be real here – once you get going using these oils, you will be talking about them all the time, and people will be asking to sign up with you!  So the ability to earn a few bucks is rather nice.)

If you want to sign up for a Young Living membership, you can do it for $40, and that pays for your lifelong membership (as long as you purchase $50 worth of oils/year).

But wait – if you’re thinking of signing up, it’s to get oils, right?  Well, Young Living has put together an amazing package for new Distributors that gives you a lovely smorgasbord of oils to play with, right off the bat!

Let me present to you the Premium Starter Kit!


As you can see above, the Premium Starter Kit includes the “Everyday Oils”, which actually was recently enlarged to 10 oils! It includes the single oils of: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint, as well as the Young Living trademark blends of: Joy, Panaway, Peace & Calming, Purification, Thieves, & Valor!  Plus, you also get a bottle of the blend Stress Away as an extra bonus!  Each bottle is 5ml, which is approximately 80-100 drops.  A typical use is 1-3 drops, so these are more than merely samples!

The kit also includes a roller ball fittment, several samples, and a Home Diffuser!  This diffuser alone retails for $95, and is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of your oils in your home.

So, let’s recap a bit…

With a Young Living Essential Oils distributor membership, you can enjoy:

  • 24% off Young Living’s oils and other products, all the time
  • No monthly obligation to purchase products
  • Never an obligation to sell or distribute products
  • The ability to grow a home-based business, if you decide you want to

But that’s not all.  Really – it gets even better!  When I joined Young Living, it was the community of people that I was introduced to that really made the learning curve so much easier and lots of fun!  I am a part of an amazing group called the Lemon Drop Lounge. This group is a rapidly growing community of people using oils for all sorts of areas of life and health challenges, and having access to them is a dream come true!  If you sign up through me, you will gain access to this group on Facebook  of 15k+ people.  You will have endless potential for learning more about your new oils!

So at this point, you’re wondering, “How do I get started?”

You can purchase the Premium Starter Kit for $150, which includes the lifetime wholesale membership and discount. Click here to begin the enrollment process. (Remember to select Independent Distributor so you can get the wholesale discount and free diffuser!)

After you set up your account and get your kit ordered, shoot me an email. I will send you the Lemon Drop Lounge exclusive Essential Oils Handbook, plus get you added to the Lemon Drop Lounge Facebook group. Your oils should arrive on your doorstep in one week!

Happy Oiling!!
– Judy


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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