Essential Oils – How I Use Them In Everyday Life

If you’ve been reading on here for a while, you may know that a while back I began using Young Living essential oils to enhance my family’s health. It’s been almost 2 years now since I took the step to get started, and I’ve learned so much! I really do consider my oils to be an integral part of my family’s health care regimen.

Recently someone asked me to write down a list of what I think are the most useful oils and how I use them, and I figured I’d write it all down in a blog so that hopefully someone else finds it as useful as well!


This is a portion of my oils collection, which I keep on my kitchen counter where it is easily accessible. The other half are the lesser used oils, which I keep upstairs with my unopened stash. Yes, I have a stash. 😉

As a review, there are 3 ways to use Young Living essential oils. You can ingest them (some, not all – always check the label), apply them topically, and diffuse them. I only use Young Living oils – they have been in business for 20 years and are the only oils company around to offer the Seed to Seal promise.

Okay, so here’s how I use my oils!

First of all, I take a capsule daily of Thieves and Lemon. Usually 3 drops of each, with some carrier oil added in to dilute it a bit. When I have been diligent to remember this, I have stayed very healthy and chased off colds that have tried to take hold! When we do feel something trying to come on, I add in a couple drops of Frankincense for some added umph.


I do take other oils internally when the occasion arises – Copiaba for pain, Oregano for fighting bacteria, and others for specific things.

I try to diffuse daily.

You can diffuse most oils, and diffusing is one of the best ways to use oils for emotional health. Smelling the oils sends them right to the part of the brain that controls emotion, which I think is amazing!


I tend to diffuse oils that make me happy – I LOVE Christmas Spirit in the winter and Citrus Fresh in the summer. I use Valor when I’m feeling stressed, Joy and Orange when I’m feeling down. I also use my diffuser for physical health benefits as well – Thieves when diffused kills 99% of airborne bacteria! R.C. helps when someone has a cough or congestion, but I can’t stand the smell. 🙂



And that brings me to topical use, which is what I do the most often.

I apply oils topically for both physical and emotional benefits.

I have a pre-diluted bottle of Thieves that I put on my kids’ feet daily to help them stay healthy (like the capsules, only more kid-friendly). One of my kids struggles with focus feelings of helplessness during school, and I made a blend of oils to help him with that. (See my post here)

One of my favorite blends is called Valor, and I use it on myself and the kids when someone is feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I also use a blend called Motivation, which does what it says. 🙂

I always keep a bottle of Lavender handy! It’s great for burns (I have a tenancy to burn myself on a regular basis – I’m a bit of a clumsy cook), rashes, cuts, and even allergies. I also use Melrose or Melaleuca for skin issues (rashes, ringworm, etc).

Lemon is another one I keep on hand. In addition to using it in capsules, I use it for killing germs, clearing out sinuses, and it makes a mean glass of lemonade! 🙂

For muscle pain, I love a blend called Deep Relief. My husband was in a car accident a couple of years ago and has residual pain, and this really helps with that. It’s also great for those mornings you wake up with a kink in your neck or overdo it lifting boxes. 🙂

I also keep a few more accessible: DiGize for tummy troubles, R.C. and Raven for colds and congestion (the EO version of Vicks), and in the summer Purification for a non-toxic bug repellant and Carrot Seed for sunscreen.

Many of these oils are part of the Premium Starter Kit that you can get when you join Young Living. It comes with 11 oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Panaway, Thieves, Purification, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Frankincense, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away, and Joy. It also includes a diffuser so that you can get the full benefit from these fantastic oils!


If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, contact me here or on Facebook and I’ll get you plugged in with more resources!

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    Do you know who provide Raindrop Therapy using Young Living essential oils in Meridian, Idaho?

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