Homeschool Spotlight: Human Body Unit!


For the past few months, we have been working through the Apologia Astronomy book. We just finished it before our winter break, and now we are starting a fun little unit on the human body! I am personally really excited about this particular unit because my mom did this same unit with my brothers and I as kids and I remember it fondly. 🙂

Here’s what we’re doing:

1. First of all, we went to the local newspaper office and picked up a roll of newsprint. They give these away for free or cheap because it’s just the end of the roll and they can’t use them on their machines. We got ours for $3. When we got home from picking it up, the kids took turns laying down on the rolled-out paper and I traced out their bodies.

2. We’re using this book:

It’s a basic, elementary-level look at the main organs and systems in the body, complete with life-size coloring sheets for each one. And here’s the fun part – each page gets copied off for each child and they color it and attach it to their life-size body that is hanging on the wall. Isn’t that fun??!?

3. I’m also reading correlating pages in this book, because I just love Usborne books:

It has flaps to lift and all sorts of fun tidbits of information. The kids love it!

And that’s it! I’ll probably grab a few library books to add on to this, but it gives a great, hands-on look at the human body in a way they’ll hopefully enjoy and remember for a long time!

Happy Learning!
– Judy

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