Back-To-School With Essential Oils


This week is our first week of school, and I’ve been thinking about the best oils to use for the school year. In the above graphic, I’ve picked the most helpful oils, and in this post I will talk about how to use them.

Citrus Fresh & Lemon

Wake Up Happy

These oils can be diffused as your children get ready for their day. Or, if you don’t have a diffuser, you can use a stainless steel spray bottle with water, a touch of alcohol (to emmulsify), and several drops of oil, and spray it in their room as they’re waking up. You can also add Peppermint oil to the mix for those extra groggy morning!

Valor & Clarity

Focus & Learn

These are great oils to apply to your children as they get ready to head out the door (or begin their schoolwork if you homeschool). They can be applied in many places; I put them on the back of the neck (base of scull) or behind the ears.

Valor is awesome for helping your children feel confident and relieving anxiety. It’s been used to help kids with ADD/ADHD challenges as well. (I also love using this on myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed – it helps instantly!)

Clarity helps with focus and clear thinking. It can be a great help in many ways – you just might find yourself snagging some too!


Extra Homework Help

A little of this oil goes a long way! Recommended mostly for older students and parents because of its potency, Motivation gives you just what it claims! Have a lot to get done? This one will give you the boost you need!


ADD/ADHD Challenges

Do you have a child who struggles with attention and you want a solution that doesn’t require drugs? Vetiver oil has been proven to help with ADD/ADHD. Place a drop at the base of the big toes.


Stay Protected Against Germs

Thieves is one of those oils I never want to be without! I’ll save the story of this oil for another day, but let me tell you this. Thieves had been university tested to show that when properly diffused, Young Living Thieves oil kills 99.96% of airborne germs. It is powerful applied topically too. If you homeschool, you can diffuse this, especially during cold season. If your kids are leaving home for school, you can apply some to the base of their feet for immune support. And don’t forget to send a bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer in each of their backpacks!

Melaluca Alternifolia

Keep Lice Away

Head lice is a nasty issue you’d rather not have to deal with! While lice are becoming resistant to chemical shampoos, they cannot become resistant to essential oils. To help prevent these little buggers from taking up residence on your child’s head, mix a few drops of Melaluca Alternifolia (commonly known as tea tree oil) into your child’s shampoo once a week.

Lavender & Peace and Calming

Relax and Sleep Well

Do your children have a hard time winding down after a full and stimulating day? These oils are known for their ability to relax the body and mind and help induce sound sleep. Apply on the back of the neck or the big toe. Great for us adults too!

So there you have it – my top oil picks for back-to-school! Many of these oils are in the Everyday Oils kit from Young Living, which I highly recommend if you’re just getting started with essential oils. Others are sold individually. If you have any questions or want to order, send me a message!

– Judy

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